the outstanding voices behind our story

(L to R) Jenn Alvarez | Nicole Alvarez | Latonya Gray | Stephanie Kirves | Kristina Molina | Hannah Milon | Jax Gervasio | Tyler Jach | Layla Fatima | Ash Sparks | Stuart Parks II | J Hazen

Jenn Alvarez | Drill Sergeant Rodriguez

Jenn's a Colombian-born US Army officer and MBA student in Queens, NYC, is conquering new frontiers as a voice-over actress while being a seasoned speaker. Her passion for travel and cherished moments with loved ones fuel her vibrant life.

Nicole Alvarez | Private Natsumi

Nicole, a NYC resident, is an improv student at UCB NY. She's a musician and music teacher specializing in working with children on the Autism Spectrum. On social media, she recaps and reacts to LGBT films and shows. Nicole recently appeared in short films and is particularly proud of her role as Natsumi in Queen of Battle, as she found the character relatable and enjoyable. For fun, she enjoys attending drag shows, spending time with her pet ferret, bringing laughter to others, and exploring through travel.

Latonya Gray | Private "Big Sis" Kelly

Latonya hails from Albany, Georgia, and showcases her Southern accent in her debut project (ours), is a TikTok minor celebrity (over 19,000 followers) while also contributing to smaller ventures for a YouTube influencer. Fondly portraying "Big Sis" in Queen of Battle, she embraces her authentic country accent and values the learning experience from her instructor's feedback, all while pursuing larger acting opportunities by sharing diverse characters across various platforms.

Stephanie Kirves | Private White

Stephanie’s a very busy actress who has done lots of horror projects and is currently shooting a sitcom called Dirty Roomies. When she’s not in front of the camera (or microphone) she can probably be found hanging out with her sugar gliders.

Kristina Molina | Private First Class Lopez

Kristina discovered her passion for acting during her last semester at CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice, leading her to pursue further training with industry professionals. Currently, she primarily works in voiceover for scripted podcasts, animation, and video games while indulging in hobbies like reading, writing fiction, tending to plants, modeling, and taking aerial classes.

Hannah Milon | Private Dougherty

Hannah’s an actor hailing from California's Bay Area and is a recent UCSD Theatre graduate who dazzled audiences in various productions like "Sense and Sensibility," "The Antipodes," and "No Exit." When she's not captivating on stage, you'll find her immersed in books, treasure-hunting at antique stores, or crafting her own plays.

Jax Gervasio | Private "Alphabet" Wolfschlegelsteinhausenburg

Jax hails from North Carolina's Piedmont and embraces his theatre dreams amidst the lively void of "nowhere." After playing Puck and Becker on stage, he aims for UNCSA's theater program, fueled by newfound voice acting passion and guided by mentors, including the Queen of Battle cast.

Tyler Jach | Specialist Kozak

Tyler initially ventured into the world of professional wrestling before transitioning to acting. Hailing from a military lineage, led by his US Army Sergeant Major grandfather, he now graces the big screen with roles like Michael in 'Goodnight, Light' and Officer Davies in 'Perdido', all while indulging in his passion for sports betting and play.

Layla Fatima | News Reporter, Sergeant, & Additional Voices

From Southern stages to indie films, Layla's passion for acting took a detour when she became a nurse, only to resurface in the thrilling world of voice acting. For fun, she’s a culinary explorer and voracious reader who occasionally flaunts her black belt to prove she's still a force to be reckoned with!

Ash Sparks | Lieutenant Adams

Ash blended theatre with mass communications as an undergrad, then bravely served in the US Navy, only to conquer Harvard with a Master's in creative writing and literature. Her voice talents shine in projects like "Maken Ki" and the "Operation Eos Podcast." She’s an avid reader and writer, delving into captivating tales.

Stuart Parks II | Rick the Journalist

Parks II, an Outer Banks resident with a Master's in creative writing, boasts voice-over roles like Dracula and stage performances including King Arthur in Spamalot at Theatre of Dare. Always on the move, Stuart endlessly seeks entertainment, unable to sit still for long.

J. Hazen | Drill Sergeant Dower

Hazen, the writer, producer, and director of Queen of Battle, is a US military veteran (US Army, US Navy) with 25 years of acting experience in theatre, TV, and film. He has showcased his talent in productions such as “The Cake,” “Of Mice and Men” and Shakespeare's “Land of the Dead”. In his downtime, he delves into landscaping, writing, and digital art, and cherishes moments with his family.